High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

There are two levels of supports for people requiring assistance with daily activities: Standard and Higher Intensity. High Intensity Supports are where specialised, more skilled, or more experienced support workers may be required to deliver supports to some participants who need it.

The Higher Intensity Supports itself is characterized by three levels – all based on the skill and qualifications of the staff members used to deliver supports to participants, allowing for these additional costs for some 1:1 supports.

A higher intensity support may be required where a participant requires assistance from a support worker with additional qualifications and experience relevant to the participant’s complex needs. For example, when:

  • Frequent (at least 1 instance per shift) assistance is required to manage challenging behaviours that require intensive positive behaviour support and/or
  • Continual active support is required due to high medical support needs (such as unstable seizure activity or respiratory support).
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