Coordination of Support (Level 2)

We provide you with support that targets your immediate needs to find solutions and to give you a range of options, whether it is collecting potential provider information or linking you in with community groups near you.

This support item strengthens your ability to design and then build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment. Coordination of Supports is to focus on supporting you to direct your lives, not just your services, and is focussed on assisting you to build and maintain a resilient network of formal and informal supports. This involves working together with you to understand the funding, identify what you expect from services, and how you want this designed. Our Coordination of Supports also includes coaching you and working with you to develop capacity and resilience in your network.

Our Coordination of Supports includes, but is not limited to

  • Understanding your Plan
  • Connecting you with Supports and Services
  • Designing Support Approaches
  • Establishing Supports
  • Coaching, Refining, Reflecting
  • Targeted Support Coordination
  • Crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Action
  • Building Capacity and Resilience; and
  • Reporting to the NDIA
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