Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3)

Our Specialist Support Coordination service provided by social workers is an intensive and reactive service using specialised coordination in times of possible or potential crisis. This aims to focus on addressing barriers and reducing complexity while assisting you to connect with supports and build capacity and resilience. This support is delivered utilising an expert or specialist approach, necessitated by specific high complex needs or high-level risks in your situation.

Our Specialist Support Coordination service is delivered by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner to meet the individual needs of your circumstances such as a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, or Mental Health Nurse. Specialist Support Coordination is to address complex barriers impacting a participant’s ability to implement their plan and access appropriate supports. Our Specialist Support Coordination service assists you to reduce complexity in your support environment and overcome barriers to connecting with broader systems of supports as well as funded supports.

Our Specialist Support Coordinators negotiate appropriate support solutions with multiple stakeholders and seek to achieve well-coordinated plan implementation. Our Specialist Support Coordinators will assist stakeholders with resolving points of crisis for participants, assist to ensure a consistent delivery of service and access to relevant supports during crisis situations.

Our Specialist Support Coordination is generally delivered through an intensive and time limited period necessitated by your immediate and significant barriers to plan implementation. Depending on individual circumstances, a Specialist Support Coordinator may also design a complex service plan that focusses on how all the stakeholders in your life will interact to resolve barriers and promote appropriate plan implementation. Once developed, our Specialist Support Coordinators will continue to monitor the plan, but it may be maintained by one of your support workers or other care supports.

Our Specialist Support Coordination includes, but is not limited to

  • Understanding your Plan
  • Designing your Support Approaches
  • Establishing your Supports
  • Coaching, Refining, Reflecting
  • Targeted Support Coordination
  • Crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Action
  • Addressing Complex Barriers
  • Designing Complex Service Plan
  • Building Capacity and Resilience; and
  • Adapt personal plans to suit your individual circumstances and needs
  • Finding community services and resources
  • Identifying and evaluating potential support options
  • Making referrals, and negotiate and contract with support providers
  • Analysing the need for secondary support
  • Coordinating support arrangements
  • Conducting regular reviews to ensure effective service provision
  • Providing you with key information about government benefits
  • Assisting you with advanced care planning, including obtaining guardianship and/or administration orders if necessary
  • Advocating for you or on your behalf if your rights to services or opportunities are being compromised
  • Reporting to the NDIA to ensure you receive the suitable funding that meets your needs.
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